“We wish the new ownership of Heritage House a wonderful journey forward with the facility. We leave it in good hands.”
– John & Sue Peters, previous owners

“It was time for my 88-year-old Mother to move into an Assisted Living Facility. My siblings and I were challenged with finding a lovely, caring, clean ‘Home’ for her. After researching our options, I truly believe that a Divine Intervention occurred in discovering Heritage House. Lisa Jones and Amanda Bemboom are the Administrators at this amazing Assisted Living Facility. They’ve mastered the art of combining compassion, care and kindness with the utmost in professionalism. After meeting with them just one time, and viewing this beautiful, quaint home, my siblings and I were sold! I highly recommend the Heritage House to anyone who has a loved one who can no longer care for him or herself. I am eternally grateful to all of the Staff at Heritage House, but especially to Lisa and Amanda. They are all truly ‘Angels on Earth’. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.”
– Annie Van Maaren

“Recently the Assisted Living Community that I reside in underwent a change of ownership. The new owners have been very busy! Our medications are now being delivered diligently and precisely. Everything has gone along so well and is so clean and tidy! With the new cook, our meals have been delicious and consistent. We are now receiving snacks in between meals.”

“The new ladies that have been hired to help us are very capable and pleasant. There are many very helpful and friendly faces. We have a new laundry and shower schedule worked out to ensure nothing is missed.”

“We now have an activities woman, Sylvia, who has us all involved in a variety of interesting activities such as exercise, bingo, manicures, ice cream social, painting and soon, will be making jewelry!”

“We also have Silver Sneakers coming in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with BJ. We still enjoy our free time and a group of us will play card games.”

“The new owners still have our favorite musicians coming into the house on a weekly basis as well as bible study. We have enjoyed receiving flowers from “Random Acts of Flowers” and love making fresh bouquets every week. Im very pleased to be here and to be a part of the changes! Happy & Grateful.”
-MK, resident

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